Saturday, 30 April 2011

Now that the Glucose has Phosphate, it Breaks into 2 Molecules that Seem Like Mates

my mother took my height and weight 6am.
 i guess we were all up anyway but still! my bmi came out as 16.1, which is fine with me i suppose.
not so fine with her.
 i think she should be happy seeing as my lowest bmi was somewhere closer to 12.5.
and its not like 16.1 is dangerous...but it does seem too low for how i actually look
 i noticed today though, how much i still eat vicariously. we went to comet pastry shops today with my sister and her friend. i as watching them with such intensity that they asked if i wanted any.
how do you explain to someone that you want to want some but you don't?
i sound like i left my mind in my biology class today :P

other than fighting a loosing battle to convince my mother I'm okay my life has been preeetty boring.
after my biol class today i had a very entertaining conversation with one of my classmates in MacDonalds whilst waiting for our parents.
her father is a chemical engineer who puts the white stuff on paper...oddly cool right?
maybe that's just me :P

okay so, in my rapid attempt to revise for my upcoming biol exam i was directed to this video.
 any biol brains out there who need cellular respiration explained to them, click on the link below.
 its possibly one of the most amusing things I've seen in a while.
 i so wish this guy was my teacher!!!
(8)it takes up so many pages, and learning it seems to take many ages (8)
 lol i think I'm going to randomly start singing in the middle of my biol exam now :P

take care


  1. your ma is right to be worried.
    be careful.
    & good luck. <3

  2. thanks Love.
    i suppose i can see why she would be worried, but seeing as im much better than i was, i dont see why it seems such a big deal to her.
    take care