Saturday, 16 April 2011

Wolf's Like Kids TV Shows about Football-game-playing Monkeys that Drink Hot Choc and Listen to Lady Gaga

had an awesome weekend with E. the hat pictured above is similar to the one we got for my wolf costume.
we also got ribbon and scouted for material which i shall be soon returning for.
 this is REALLY EXCITING!!!! 

had the biggest heart attack when we lost my mother and i thought i was going to be late for my appointment. I'm sorry but there is no way in HELL i was wearing that cast for yet another week.
eventually got the cast kinda worked but they're not sure.

"ah gravity thou art a heartless bitch"

spent the night at E's doing biology and listening to biol podcasts all night.
 spent the next day watching kids TV shows, which i must say are now HORRIBLE!
what happened to the classics we watched whilst growing up?
the only saving grace was the ever constant "Arthur" and of course "Elmo's World."
 its funny how much fun simply sitting there with your best friend can be =D.
we should do these sleepover things more often :P 
we were eventually joined by her housemate and his friend.
i think i kind of understood the football game, with the help of his amusing commentary :P.

i still maintain, if you give a monkey a gun, it will not shoot with the intent to kill, but will pull the trigger out of its natural curiosity.
they have not been introduced to the horror that is encountered when one species designed a tool to kill another of that species.
 at least not to the extent in the human world.
what do you think?

my father bought me hot chocolate today.
he said when he went shopping he even bought his glasses with him so he could read the label to ensure i could have it.
such a simple act made me feel really special....its stupid i know.

now I'm sitting here feeling incredibly ill.....i don't think eating an apple can make you sick...gah! who knows anymore :P

as a side note; Lady Gaga's song Judas: good, bad, offensive, otherwise?
 i had a pretty long and thought provoking debate with a friend of mine about 30 seconds ago.
 i can very much understand why he, as a christian, would be offended and believe she could have chosen a different name to make it less offensive.
at the same time i do believe it was a mistake with a singular song and she is still a great artist with amazing talent.
any thoughts?

take care

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