Monday, 18 April 2011

Late Night Indonesian Reading Psych Lady Sees the Hubble Telescope Cutting Off Mop Hair

i didn't end up in bed until around 6am this morning.
i was doing translations.
yeah, that's right.
I'm that cool.

 "Eeee... Tidak kena. kamu memang bodoh. Tidak hanya bodoh, kamu jelek"

i then proceeded to download and read a pdf copy of Wintergirls.
in my defence i have been looking for that book for months now and the only place who would order it in was Borders.
 that's what you get for causing the shutdown of my favorite bookstore!
as for the story itself, i think she wrote it really well. 
you really felt Lia's pain, and i;m not sure about anyone else but i was so incredibly freaked out every time Cassie showed up.
What do you guys think? was she really there or just in Lia's imagination?

i have to see the crazy psych lady again tomorrow.
AND, she also wants to talk to my mother.
 can i just die now please?
also, both my parents are going with me.
maybe they need one to hold me down whilst the other signs the admission papers?
i wouldn't put it past them.
 my mother threatens to have me committed all the time.
sometimes i wonder how far i could push her.
 than i remember i probably shouldn't try.

also going to the university library to get books for my physics paper tomorrow.
 it's on the Hubble telescope.
did you know that if the telescope focuses on a single spot for an extended period of time, the images reveal what was in that space (ie stars) in the past.
that could just be me being nerdy but i find that really amazing
....and mind boggling

take a look at this. that is not a painting, it actually -exists- in our universe. it's actually out there.... okay random nerdy moment gone now. sorry all

also, i might be getting my mop hair cut tomorrow.
hopefully this one will turn out better than the last, and get it all out of my eyes :P.
 i realise you do not need to know this useless piece of information but I'm telling you anyway :P

take care

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