Thursday, 21 April 2011


i really don't have much to say today.
my life is actually kind of boring.

tomorrow is a big day for me.
the first Good Friday in my -entire- life I'm not attending a church service.
it shall be interesting.
i really really need to get that physics paper done anyway.
I've just been to tired to do anything recently.

I'm sitting here feeling weak and my heart is feeling kind of funny. its getting very annoying.
i really hope this weak feeling and exhaustion and such that is effecting me goes away before school.
it would be nice if it went away very soon so that i could actually get some work done.
 i don't think that is going to happen though.

I'm starting to think they may be right. i have no idea.
they're in my head and they're making me scared.
 i hate having no choice, and even more i hate having no idea what's going on.
also, i do realise I'm obsessing over this, but i don't know how to stop it.

take care

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