Friday, 22 April 2011

random nothingness

Tintin the adventurer is looking kind of dead in front of my space heater at the moment, and my kitty bobbin is asleep on the armchair.
 it is absolutely freezing at the moment and i have; thermal and pajama pants on, as well as leggings, a thermal top, singlet and a dressing gown.
it is so cold.

i voided the warranty on my scales today, but i made them work so YAY!
 i also started the stupid physics paper.
 it is soooooo long!
as for the rest of my homework, i am so stressed out even by the thought of going back to school.
i just don't think i can handle all the pressure, plus all the added stress of trying to fix whatever imaginary problem the psych lady and mother have added.
i kind of think i want to cry.
 i know its weak but i just don't know what to do.
i need to stop thinking about all this.

hey hey hey, i have a science joke for you!

so: a higgs boson particle walks into a church but the priest stops him at the door
"you cant come in, you call yourself the God particle. that's blasphemy!"
and so the higgs boson particle replies;
"if you don't allow higgs boson particles, how do you have mass?!"

hahahaha, i think its very funny :P

take care

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