Sunday, 29 May 2011

ujian mengimbulkan stres

did some -intense- maths and physics cramming today.
 sill more to go but i think I'll be alright.
 I'm more worried about the meeting between my mother and my year 12 teachers tomorrow...
i don't know whats going to happen and i don't like that.

thinking about forensic science now as a possible career.
 i mean, id get to play with some pretty great toys, but it'd get pretty sad at times. i just want vce to be over.
more than anything else, i just want to get my university offer and know everything will be okay.

year 11 exams will be over soon and I'll have 7 days o focus on my year 12 biology midterm.
i should be alright i think
....i hope

lol well this was an entry full of random crap but anyhoo

take care