Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Exams are Looming

had my math tech free this morning.
I'm kinda proud of myself.
 i think i did quite well :).
 i went home after English to study but that didn't work because i suddenly got very ill.
I'm telling you now: throwing up everywhere when your parents are convinced you have an eating disorder is not cool.
i feel better now which just makes it its awkward :P

have my English exam tomorrow, screw English.
 I'm very good at writing a 150 word introduction in the space of 5 lines...very tiny writing :P
 i have only a tentative grasp on what I'm saying right now.
i want to go back so sleeeep.

meeting with teachers was postponed until next Monday, directly before my last exam, chemistry.
wish me luck, I'm really very frightened.
I'm finally starting to admit i don't have everything quite as together as i thought, and now i have to tell other people,.
but i don't want them to think less of me...

on more exciting news EEEEEE is home!!!!...which makes little difference to me as i would see her anyway but it makes her happy which is absolutely insurmountably EPIC =D.