Friday, 13 May 2011

Silver Ribbons

they let me home from the hospital!
which is great because i think i would have died if they didn't.
 i have to go back in a few weeks....for a full day...
which has me wondering what the hell thy want to do to me!
anyone wanna help me out with possibilities? :P

E came over yesterday :D. it was muchly exciting.
 gotta love going to a scary Friday the 13th party looking cute :P.
E was Red Riding Hood and had an epic cute cloak on.
 i, as the wolf, was wearing a fuzzy hat! :P
 i really don't understand underage drinking.
why oh why would you do that to yourself?

i resent being talked to like a child.
its like: excuse me, i don't know if you talk to everyone that way, or just me because i have a disability. either way, could you please stop it before i punch you in the face!
i wish they wouldn't act as though i don't know whats going on, as i also resent being treated as ignorant.

its cold and rainy outside.
which would be great, should it be warm -inside-.
but it's not.
i have to leave in an hour anyway, for my biology class.
i kind of just want to curl up into a ball and sleep, like my kitty cat.

take care