Thursday, 19 May 2011

Enter the Drama Llama

Looks like I'm doing biology again next year.
seriously, if i get under a study score of 40 i blame the teacher.
 it would be totally awkward if i got him again though....
i am not alone in thinking my teacher fails. 
last night i was at a study group and the most commended science teacher in the school joined in our little bitch session, even calling him a wanker...hmmm.

my mother need to stop pulling out the drama llama every time i turn down a meal.
seriously, i didn't get home until 8pm, i was exhausted and just could not be bothered
....poor drama llama

see! drama llama does not want to be disturbed!

i have the listening part of my indo practise exam and a biol SAC today....oh joy.....

i just want everything to stop for a while.
i want to go away. to not have any responsibility.
to be able to cry when i want to and to not get out of bed. i don't want to die...i don't think...i just want everything to stop.
we had to talk about eating disorders in English because that's what we were doing our article analysis on....
i felt like i wanted to kill someone. how can people be so mean and ignorant?
please...why cant everything just stop?
 i cant handle it anymore....
just let me go?