Saturday, 28 May 2011

Exams and Awkward

I caught up with an old friend today, L.
we studied for a bit but it was really good just to catch up, and forget about everything for a bit.
 she really is a beautiful person, and so passionate about animal conservation.
i expected it to be so awkward cause we haven't seen each other in over a year, but it was nice.

so stressed about exams.
 i have my first math one on Wednesday and haven't studied at all.
i then have my math and physics exams on Friday, again minimal study done.
ah well, year 11 doesn't matter, only biology this semester.

i hate it when people tell me i shouldn't stress so much and that i should calm down.
its not like I'm doing any of this on purpose you idiots!
 if i could calm down, trust me, i would.

W, I'm worried about you, please be okay.
 please don't be like me.
 you don't deserve the pain your in.

my mother and teachers are getting together to talk on Monday....
oh god it will be awkward.
 i don't want to do this.
 but hey, maybe i wont have to do my year 11 exams =D

take care