Friday, 6 May 2011

Random mostly food/weight related stuff

lol at being given a time-limit in which to devour a mars bar.
 i haven't had chocolate in quite a while.
 i forgot how rich it was. i think i feel ill....
but i don't know....
i don't trust my body anymore.

i got the biggest leg cramp earlier, i used to get them all the time, i haven't in a while.
 my mother has stolen my painkillers.
at one point it got so bad i was swearing at myself.
 i think my pain tolerance has gone down incredibly, i bitch about it all the time :P

i have my biol class tomorrow. I'm actually kind of excited...
god I'm a nerd.
also also also, i get to see E, which is the most exciting :)

oh my fish....i just found out beavers are used in vanilla ice cream. good god kill me.

oh thanks mother, I've officially gone from 99lbs to 105lbs.
 i liked 99, 99 was a nice weight.
not dangerously thin, a nice balance between being nice and easy to walk, and making not (i forgot that word the first time 'round...oooops) my bmi low enough to seriously worry anyone.

 you see, my mother is making me eat what she does. she is obese according to her bmi....
so lady, do you really want to make me miserable?

Jamie's food revolution is making me cry...i actually know now I'm about to be sick. officially vegetarian again, don't give a damn what anyone says. people are disgusting.

we had an English outcome today.....
"death was almost tangible in the room. it twirled her hair between its wispy black fingers, it caressed her face and enveloped her body. death was Josie's friend. One day soon, Chelsea knew now, it would take Josie's pain away."

what's wrong with my eyes?

i actually have no idea what I've even said in this blog all.

exactly how much can you take away, before it all falls apart?

take care

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