Saturday, 21 May 2011


hehe. TinTin is funny.
i can still study med =D!
i can get into a bachelor of science with a relatively lower atar of 85.05. so far my course for next year is looking as follows:
Legal Studies
Methods (math)

i got a call from an old friend today.
as awkward as it was she made me smile...someone else remembers me.
 someone who doesn't know how messed up i am, so she wont treat me weird.
 I've kind of missed her... just didn't want to drag her down with me.
anyway, she is lovely and gave me the online password for her schools biology notes
....I'm pretty sure she just saved my life.

I'm about to eat noodles...
i don't want to eat these noodles....
i've already had ice cream today. but i must eat these noodles....
because food is necessary...and because i need to have energy for my exams. noodles...
simply carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen plus other elements.
did you know that noodles absorb water via osmosis as the external solution of the noodles is hypotonic to the noodles themselves.

i have my practise biol exam Monday and am kind of freaking out.....
hopefully L's notes will help me.

people look at you strangely when your sitting in a lecture theatre, talking to yourself in Indonesian....

take care

om nom nom leg