Sunday, 15 May 2011

Scrubs and Roses

thinking nursing might be a good career option for me.
the score needed to get in to the course is much lower.
 plus, i was thinking how much i hate all my doctors, but my nurses were like....the mothers i always wanted.
 they make you feel better and they make you laugh.
 most doctors, they just don't care.
at least mine don't. my parents think I'm being an idiot, that i should be a doctor instead.
who cares what they think really?
 also, i could get a bachelor of Indonesian Language at the same time. a bi-lingual nurse.
epic much?

romantic relationships confuse me.
 i kind of just don't understand how you could be so...venerable with someone i guess.
and with that obligation to tell them almost anything...just odd.

I've been Internet stalking the eating disorders clinic.
i don't like them...the doctors in there.
they just seem so...disconnected.

did almost all my bio worksheets today.
my hand hurts!

been so tired today.
i actually passed out on my walk today...god that was weird.

6 days until practise exams
18 days until year 11 exams
30 days until actual biol exam----FREAKING OUTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

take care