Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Only Thing Better Than a Unicorn is a Gay Unicorn!

lady gaga is epic!
watching her concert, however, with your insanely christian parents in the room is tre awkward :P.
i am apparently going to the "Born This Way Ball" with M, and we're dressing up
!....hmmm, perhaps not <.<
that aside though, cant wait till the album is released =D

still haven't heard back from the clinic people...
I'm so over this already, why cant it just be done with?!

hoping to return home early today to study for my Indonesian assessment which is on Friday.
 I've already finished all my physics work and English....is English :P.
 this assessment is freaking me out!
its like my brain refuses to compute what is said to me in Indonesian when in a test situation...
not good for my end of year either.

last night our debate team showed up to the school we were supposed to compete at...on the wrong  night!
muchly frustrating due to the fact i wasted an entire night i could have been studying!

i kind of feel like hiding away today, i don't particularly want to talk to anyone, or do anything at all.

take care