Sunday, 3 July 2011

hmmm, what's the point of a title? :P

had an amazing time with E yesterday.
 we lay siege upon the plaza and bought DISNEY MOVIES!
yes we are that epic. 
 and i got a hair-cut FINALLY!
"dishonour, dishonour on your whole family,dishonour on you, dishonour on your cow!"
it was great to catch up.
 excited for our upcoming photo shoot -and- it's E's birthday very soon.
 hehe *bounces*

i hope things are working out like they seem.

 you know the times you want to say something, or to bring up something, but have no idea how.
i hate that!
 sometimes it's just so frustrating you almost want to scream.

i have to go to the clinic tomorrow.
i don't need this crap right now. its just in the way and has rocketed my stress levels (ha! who knew that was possible?!)
then i have to stay in the city with my parents...ick, cant i just come home on  a bus or something?
 i don't want to spend more time with them then i have to.

E has got to be the most amazing person ever, to deal with all my crazy crap and still stick around

"you lied to me?! and what are you? a sheep?!"

take care