Thursday, 14 July 2011

Depression (possibly triggering)

I'll be nothing.
I'll end up as a checkout chick forever. i feel like a failure.
 i can only just see my ribs now.... lol its only now i realise how much i still "bone check."
my potassium is low, yet i haven't been doing anything i shouldn't be.
 problem being no one listens to me when i tell them so.
this whole thing is ridiculous because as soon as its over I'm just going to loose the weight again.
 not on purpose, it'll just happen.
 I'm crazy, forgetting things I've just done and shaking permanently.
i cant leave he house and my parents have to chaperon me.
 there have been moments this week that I've actually wanted to die.
 i need to get away from my parents, i would honestly prefer to being hospital than here.
 school will be impossible and that will leave me with no talents, no hobbies,  two or three friends (who i can't see) and an intense feeling of loneliness that i cant shake.

why cant i just have one good run of things in my life....please?

take care