Wednesday, 29 June 2011


don't you just hate that helpless feeling?
 like you'd do anything to make it better, if you only knew how.
you flounder in your head trying to find something, related or not, to say. But then you come up with something so totally idiotic.
 maybe its just me.

R has to go home on Friday, so her last day of school is tomorrow.
poor thing, her mother is ill.
she was in my physics class today, it was pretty great.
i hope she'll be okay when she gets home.

I'm so exhausted its ridiculous.
 i feel nauseated all the time, and like I'm going to pass out.
i just want holidays to come so i can go home and cry in peace.
 I'm so over this whole thing.

to add to this i feel very, very large.
 like I'm in the way. all. the. time. its disgusting.
oh, its okay useless doctor people, you can postpone my appointments to whatever day you like.
its not like i have a life.
or any freaking plans. (footnote: the plans i did have were canceled but that's not the point!)
they need to know not to mess with me, and start being considerate.
 I'm such a bitch but i just don't like them.

take care