Monday, 6 June 2011


had an amazingly awkward meeting with my teacher's today.
it has been decided that I'm only doing 4 subjects next year: physics, chemistry, English and methods.
 also, i don't have to do end of year exams for my year 11 subjects :)
apparently they've never had to have a meeting with a student to tell them to cool it with the study.
also it has been agreed i need a hobby.
given i have no talents, any ideas?

have a biology assessment tomorrow I'm not nearly ready for. ah well.

i has a purple teddy bear.

why did they all look so shocked when i told them i didn't want to die?

why do they want to take all my control away?

its been a while but here's another one:
a man walks up to a woman and says: "i wish i was DNA Helicase so i could unzip your jeans"
....apparently geeks -do- have pickup lines :P

take care