Thursday, 9 June 2011

Eating Exams

I've started really freaking out about my real exam on Tuesday.
there is no second chances for this one, if i screw it up i cant just shrug it of and say that it didn't matter...because it does.
but of course I'm going to screw it up, simply because I'm an idiot and can never get anything right.
what if i screw it up?
what will i then?
 on a side note i hope no one talks about the exam after...
i may have to steer clear of facebook for a while.

blogger wont let me comment on blogs. stupid blogger. i feel bad now

its so hard to balance eating with this stress I'm feeling now.
 there is no time to waste on eating.
because if i waste time eating i will fail my exam....which I'm probably going to do anyway.
 i think these are going to be a pretty horrible 5 days. 
i don't even know what I'm doing.
every time i think about Tuesday i feel like i want to cry.
 its horrible.
 i hate it.
 i hate this uncertainty.
 i don't know if I'm going to go well....or if I'm going to completely fail.
 it all depends on whats on the exam.

 i need to stop talking about this.

I'm going to go and try to calm down now....

take care