Thursday, 23 June 2011

I am Sodium Acetate

because once i was holding more than i could handle, the addition of one tiny little thing caused all hell to break lose.
(i am aware that sodium acetate merely produces heat and becomes solid :P)

 i have been entered into a treatment program at the clinic that requires i miss, for a start, two days of school next week.
none of this "treatment" crap is going to work because I'm so damn stressed out about the amount of school I'm missing.
i will fail.
 seriously, I'm almost constantly shaking and feeling like I'm about to burst into tears.
 i feel like no one really understands and the doctors just think I'm a little bitch.
 i also find it ironic that the fast majority of the doctors at the clinic appear quite underweight.

on a happier note, R is over as an exchange student from Indonesia for 6 weeks and she is absolutely adorable.
shes so bubbly all the time and our little indo-glish chats with R, myself and M have everyone looking at us a though we are insane.

also, i was wrong, the Malaysia kids don't leave until this Sunday.
 anyway, yeah, R seems to brighten up my day and always seems disappointed when M (who she is staying with and thus whose class she goes to) doesn't have classes with me :)

so thankyou, R :)

i wish E would see how wonderful and amazing she is.
 I've never known someone so deserving of happiness and well being, who just doesn't seem to have it.
its not fair.

take care all