Sunday, 19 June 2011

This or Nothing? That is the Question

i have to return to the clinic later today.
 I'm so scared i think I'm going to be sick.
i also wasn't allowed to go to school this morning because mum thinks I'm going to pass out down the stairs or something *rolls eyes*

my friends and teacher are going to Malaysia today...
i with i was going with them.
 I'm supposed to be.
 but me, being possibly the biggest idiot on he planet, got myself into this situation, didn't i?

(8) this feels better, than nothing at all (8)
does it really?

I've also decided recently i don't believe in love.
 not the romantic true love kind anyway.
 it just never seems to work out between two people. with 2/3 marriages ending in divorce, whats really the point in the first place?
 love always ends up hurting -someone-.
 its absolutely ridiculous!
 therefore would it just be easier to grow old and die alone?
just not get involved in this twisted institution in the first place?

take care