Friday, 10 June 2011

G-Protein Coupled Transduction

pleasantly surprised when i opened my biology book this morning and realised...
i know more than i thought did.
I've been studying for about 3 hours now so I'm taking a break like a good little nerd. i also just got some coffee with my father....awkwardness.
 back to study soon.
 i might not screw up this exam as badly as i thought i would but i still think i wont do too good.
more than anything i want this exam to be over.
please don't ask me how i went because i just don't want to think about it.

i think I'm infectious, dangerous even.
 one of my friends, B, started crying yesterday because she was so stressed about exams.
 she's never done that before.
maybe its my fault.
 i think i stress them out too much.
maybe i should just leave them be?
and continue my nerdyness in the study rooms by myself every day like i used to?

a more pressing issue is:
I'm worried about E.
she doesn't seem to realise how amazing and beautiful she is.
i know she can beat anything she's confronted with how do i convince her of that?

and i shall leave you with the thing that's going around in my head at the moment:
when a hormone comes into contact with a G-Protein coupled receptor it causes:
  • the receptor to change shape
  • following this the G protein down the bottom of the receptor (Made of 3 sections of protein) changes shape, causing the expulsion of a substance called guanine di-phosphate and  guanine tri phosphate rushes in causing the alpha protein to change shape and detach
  • the alpha protein moves along the membrane and attaches to another protein known as adenylyl cyclase.
  • the alpha protein and GTP then act as an enzyme converting thousand of ATP (high energy molecules) into cAMP which then acts as a 2nd messenger.

yes i am well aware that probably means nothing to you all :P

take care