Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Absolutley Worthless

spent most of today on the verge of tears, thinking about how badly i did yesterday....its not very effective when you have to go face biology again first thing in the morning.
to top it all off we began to watch "look both ways" in English.
I'm now glad of two things:
a) my nails are incredibly broken and chipped
b) we only watched about a half hour

or the marks on the back of my hand may have been slightly more difficult to explain.
its been a fair while since I've done that.
 I'm not proud of it, at all.
i think its just all getting to me, though. all at once.
 I'll be the first to admit this is all a bit much really. i know there are people out there who go through so much, and it makes me feel weak to admit it, but it is.

today I've been thinking about how average i am.
below average really, because of my defective body.
 there is nothing remarkable about me.
 nothing people will remember after I'm out of their sight.
 I'm not pretty, or talented.
I'm not witty or entertaining.
 or even that quiet and intriguing soul in the corner of the room
. I'm not smart, although i try to be.

 i am average and therefore, i sometimes believe, i am nothing.